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CANTER Colorado has 2 dedicated programs helping retired race horses.

Our Trainer Listed Program:  The listing program is a free service offered to the horse men/women at the track who want to sell their retiring race horse. Volunteers work closely with trainers/owners on the backside of Arapahoe Park taking pictures, videos, and biographies of any horses for sale. The information is posted on our website and promoted to a national pool of equestrian buyers. CANTER is not involved in the sale.

Our CANTER Owned Program: As an additional service, we offer owners/trainers the opportunity to donate their horse to  our aftercare program. CANTER assumes all ownership and financial responsibility of the donated horse. Working with a dedicated team of veterinarians, farriers, professional trainers, and volunteers, each horse is provided with a customized plan of action that includes: relaxation, rehabilitation, and retraining services. When ready, CANTER finds new homes and careers suitable for each horse based on their potential, needs, or limitations. Horses are sold with a CANTER adoption contract after thoroughly screening potential buyers. Our program ensures  each horse obtains the marketable skills they need to find a new home and career.

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