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New Affiliates

New Affiliates

You can make a difference! Interested in volunteering or starting a new CANTER program? Contact Nancy at Read more

Welcome! CANTER Texas

We welcome a new affiliate to CANTER—CANTER Texas! New horse listings are NOW available! If you are a Texas trainer looking to list a horse, or want to become a volunteer for Texas, please contact Laura Holmes at: Read more

Welcome! CANTER Washington

We welcome a new affiliate to CANTER—CANTER Washington! New horse listings will be available soon! If you are a Washington trainer looking to list a horse, or wish to become a volunteer for Washington, please contact Alexandra Jackson at: Read more
Portrait Fundraiser! BOGO!!!

Portrait Fundraiser! BOGO!!!

Hand-drawn portraits at affordable prices!! Buy one portrait at regular price, get a second portrait of equal value for free! CANTER will receive $50 for each PAID order!!! For more information Email Wanda at Read more

Colorado Featured Horses

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Mile High Mojo

Mile High Mojo

COMING AUGUST, 2014   Mile High Mojo, is a 17.3 hand bay gelding with beautiful white socks and a blaze. Mojo experienced a bit of bad luck as a race horse and sustained issues with body soreness, a cracked sesamoid, and ear mites that led to active lesions.  After 8 months in our reha... Read more
Hold The Advantage

Hold The Advantage

Big! Bold! Beautiful! Just look at those dapples. Hold The Advantage, "Tex" came to CANTER Colorado's aftercare program in May of 2014.  Tex is a 9 year old 16.3 dark bay gelding that had a warhorse of a career at the track with over 60 starts.  Due to the immalculate care of his racing... Read more
Doit's Cat

Doit's Cat

Welcome Doit's Cat, "Dewey" to CANTER Colorado's aftercare program!  Dewey is a beautiful dark bay, 15.2 hand, 3 year old unraced gelding.  As we quickly found out when we saw him on the track and in our facility, this guy is just to mellow to be a race horse.  He has a very sweet ... Read more

Welcome to CANTER Colorado

CLICK HERE for CANTER Colorado's first newsletter!



CANTER Colorado's horses need your support!
Please consider being a sponsor for:


Doit's Cat -

Doits Cat 1c "Dewey" is a beautiful 15.2 hand dark bay gelding.  This unraced 3 year old, is a horse you have to meet in person to truly see how gentle he is.  He won the hearts of all of us at CANTER Colorado when we met him at the track.

He's very trusting with his handlers on the ground and doesn't seem nervous about much. Whoever adopts this guy will be getting a very special companion.  He's well put together with a nice build and a rather large head.  He has some growing to do and is currently learning about treats.

Please consider being a sponsor for Dewey.  We are in need of a halter and lead rope for him so we are not relying on our foster home's equipment.  He also needs a durable pair of bell boots. Your support is greatly appreciated and each sponsor gets a personal meet and greet opportunity.

Click HERE to be a sponsor of Dewey!



Mile High Mojo - Mile High Mojo 2

"Mojo" is a lightly raced, beautiful 6 year old, 17.3 hand gelding who has been in our aftercare program since November, 2013.  We have treated him for ear mites that led to active ear lesions, body soreness, and a struggle with keeping weight on. 

When we find him the right home, he will have unlimited potential and thing this big guy will go on to do big things! 

Please consider being a sponsor to help us feed, rehabilitate, and provide retraining for him.  All sponsors get a chance for a personal meet and greet opportunity.

Click HERE to be a sponsor of Mojo!


Hold The Advantage - Hold the Advantage 4

"Tex" is a 9 year old warhorse in the racing industry with more than 60 starts. Due to the amazing care of his trainer and owner, this boy retired 100% SOUND! He is over 16 hands and has a beautiful dark bay color with striking dapples. 

He's got a truly professional attitude and is currently enjoying some overdue pasture and turnout time.

Please consider sponsoring Tex to help us raise funds for his general care such as fly spray, hay, grain, and daily vitamins before his retraining begins. All sponsors get a chance for a personal meet and greet opportunity.

Click HERE to be a sponsor of Tex!






Help the program in other ways by purchasing items that our horses need. We have a wishlist of items listed online:

Visit our GoFundMe campaign!


A $10 donation or bottle of fly spray

can make a difference!





Love Colorado? Love OTTBs?


Custom Designed!

Every sale goes directly to helping retiring race horses.

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How to list a horse with CANTER Colorado:

Volunteers are on the grounds every weekend during the meet to take photographs and information on any horse for sale at Arapahoe Park. You can schedule an appointment or stop them on the grounds in order to get your horse listed.  Volunteers may also be willing to make personal farm visits for horses not stabled at the track.  Trainers and owners can also send pictures and information directly to Jamie if none of the options listed above work.


Please note:  Horses eligible for listing on the site must be a Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, or Arabian that is currently racing or has recently raced at Arapahoe Park.  The maximum listing price for CANTER Colorado is $3199 (less than the lowest claiming price at Arapahoe) and may differ from other CANTER affiliates.


Please contact Jamie Girouard at or 773-550-9866 for more information on how to list horses available for adoption in Colorado.

Contact Information

CANTER is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing retiring racehorses with opportunities for new careers after the finish line.

CANTER believes Thoroughbreds are winners on and off the track!

You can bet on it!

Executive Director for CANTER Colorado

Jamie Girouard

For information on how to list a horse, buy a horse from our trainer listings, or see a Colorado owned horse please e-mail or call anytime.  Thank you!

Direct:  773-550-9866


VP Operations for CANTER Colorado 

Stacey McKenna

For questions on current horses listed with CANTER Colorado, or how to get involved, donate, or for general inquiries about the program, please contact Stacey.

Direct:  970-443-8063


CANTER's Misson

The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER) provides retiring thoroughbred racehorses with opportunities for new careers.

You can make a difference! Interested in volunteering, fostering or starting a new CANTER program? Contact your closest CANTER affilliate!

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